A Letter Always Arrives at its Destination

Una carta siempre llega a su destino. Los Archivos Barragán 
MUAC, Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City

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Press Release: Through an artistic practice that is at once visual, textual and performative, Jill Magid forges intimate relationships within bureaucratic structures, seducing and negotiating with authority in order to reframe the complexity, potential intimacy and absurdity of our relations with institutions and with power.

In A Letter Always Arrives at its Destination. The Barragán Archives, Magid brings together the divergent strands of the personal and professional archives of the Architect Luis Barragán, encompassing the complex intersections between the psychological and the judicial, between authorship and property, and between the human body and the body of work. With this project, the MUAC opens up a political and ethical debate on the current and future conditions of the transferal of cultural heritage from a model of the nation-state to one of corporate institutions.